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Are you excited to try our Free iTunes gift card codes generator.If I am not wrong this is not the first website you are visiting to get Free iTunes codes. In 2018, there are so many fake websites online just to make you fill surveys and to scam you.There is a quote that “Time is Money“, but you are going to waste both if you fall for these scam websites. I was in same position as you and desperately in need for free iTunes codes or gift cards.The online world is a huge place to search for anything and there is a possibility you’ll not get anything even after wasting so much of your precious time.In this post, I’ll tell you How a genuine iTunes Generator looks like and why our codes work for sure.

How you got access to Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2018?

I found an exploit about these giant media and technology companies after spending considerable amount of time.My only purpose for creating this site is to share with you all.If you want to know more about how this exploit works, please check the About Section.It allows to generate gift card of $100 dollars,$50,$25,$20 dollars,$10,$5, $1 dollar secretly.In short,it looks for programming loopholes in the database of these big websites.This is not an easy task as it involves hit and trial, also you need to be good in coding so that you can find exploits.Free iTunes codes are extracted from database and are uploaded to the generator, that’s how you receive the unlimited legitimate working codes.The generator scans the database and output the Free iTunes codes without surveys.I have written an article for Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator without surveys and no human verification, you should check that as well.

Features of Free iTunes Codes 2018/2017 Generator Online:

  • Tested on all mobile phones, Windows, tablets, PC, desktops, Smartphones, MACs
  • Android/iPhone/Apple/iPad/iOS/iPod
  • No Jailbreak and No Root
  • Not Expired
  • It doesn’t require any kind of downloads of account username or passwords to unlock codes
  • No Surveys or Offers
  • No Human Verification
  • No Promo Codes
  • No itunes Username and passwords
  • There is no limit on number of codes, you can generate Unlimited iTunes Code for free

But Why someone will give away iTunes Gift Card Codes for Free?

From my childhood, music was an important part of my life.No matter which genre the music is from, I always get excited whenever I listen to a good electronic, classic, jazz, rock or any other kind of song.But the real problem was of money, I had to think before making a purchase related to song downloads because my source of income was limited and whatever I had was not enough.You can find almost any type of songs on iTunes from worldwide. The apple store and in-app purchases are free.I tried to download songs from free music websites and using some softwares as well, the result was my computer got infected by a virus and I had to format my PC.I wasted so many hours in this damn process and really wished if someone could help me out.The sad thing is that never happened.After lot of research and brainstorming on google search, I found these codes without paying a dime.I know there are so many people like me in this world who wish for some free codes.I am sharing these free iTunes codes with you guys.The music industry makes a lot of in terms of money, so if we use some iTunes gift cards that would not create a problem.After all they are already making huge profits from song downloads.

I was so overwhelmed when I got a thank you email from Angela who used this website for some free codes.She actually could not believe when the amount requested got added in her iTunes account. Here is the testimonial she sent me.

In my opinion, is a great website with legit working codes.It was very hectic to visit every website that shows up on google, at last I found a completely free iTunes gift card code to get some news songs.The final step was very crucial and I wasn’t 100% sure if it will work because the instructions were to install all Free Apps or Offers.After not thinking much, I completed the apps/offers installation and a full code was displayed.I copied and pasted it to redeem and my iTunes account balance increased from $0 to $50 dollars. Thanks a lot, it was a wonderful experience! – Angela (US)

Angela is one of hundreds or thousands of daily visitor of this website who successfully redeemed a free iTunes code to redeem online working.I would be very happy if you can spare some time and share with your family and friends.Your dear ones will appreciate your effort and free iTunes music downloads or apps.From the link below,you can access the iTunes Gift Card Generator that is not expired and list is not used. Just complete the easy human verification and provide all the details requested related to credits/money and continue the tutorial below to get the free iTunes gift cards.iTunes kaart inwisselen, available for all the countries mainly AU/US/UK/NZ/FR/DE/CA/NL, Australia/United States/United Kingdom/Canada/New Zealand,Netherlands,France,BE/Belgium,Germany Gratis/Gratuit,Sweden,Ireland,Switzerland and many other countries also for kaart hema itunes.

How to use Free iTunes Codes Generator for Gift Card Codes?

Step 1: It is a very simple process, takes no more than 10 minutes. You need to visit the generator from the link mentioned above.Then provide the money or credits amount you want to receive online.

Step 2: A ‘Verify Now’ box will appear to complete the final step of verification process. This security process prevents stealing of codes from all kind of bots.It ensures that iTunes working codes are available all the time and benefits each user.

Note: Upon installation/completion of All the Free Apps or Offers, You’ll be able to see the full iTunes code.

It doesn’t need to be downloaded as the free iTunes gift card shown is in the form of a text that can be copied.In rare case, you can write an email to me if you’re facing any problem in unused card.These codes are shared here from a long time.Please use them as they are generated otherwise they will be added to our database again for others if they are not used for more than 1 month.Although there is no fix date of expiration.In case you don’t have the latest itunes software installed, you can do so by visiting here.

We will be adding more information on this page in case of any update, so Stay tuned!

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