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For one second, just imagine if somehow you’ll get the chance to listen or download all songs which are your favorite for free of cost and completely avoid watching those ads.A place having all skips unlimited,capability to listen offline songs and greatest hit collections.You might be aware of Spotify free trials, online/offline mode,they only work for a single month and if you don’t cancel the subscription then the fixed amount will be deducted from your account.The good thing here is that our Spotify Premium Account/Code/voucher generator gives you the opportunity to access all the favorite artist and songs for lifetime.

We got free Spotify premium codes for everyone and we’ll be glad to share these gift codes with you guys.It doesn’t involves any passwords, username and downloads.The codes are properly tested on our end to ensure it works as it should be.Now I’ll tell you, how we generate these codes for free?

What was the motive behind creating Spotify Premium Account/Codes Generator 2018?

The sole reason for creating this site is to make a list containing all free codes because on my part I really want to help all those who are truly passionate about music/songs.To be honest, it was not an easy task because of all the restrictions imposed by security systems.After few weeks, I got to know about a new breach about their databases and I copied thousands of working spotify code free. For more interesting information, you can check the about section.You won’t even need the spotify music downloader for downloading the songs.

These codes are safe with me and spotify accept all these codes.In the back end, the generator maintain a free Spotify premium codes list and shared with every individual on request.Whenever a request is sent to it, it scans our database and gives a valid code.The newly generated code can be redeemed without any problem.

Why are you sharing Free Spotify Premium Code/Account Online?

You know, the feeling of giving back to the one who is in need is what makes me happy. I always do charity and spend my time in helping others.I obtained theses spotify premium free forever codes,so I also want to give them away for free.I work as a software developer and I make enough money/cash to support all my needs.The biggest reason is I was just like you when I was younger.I could not buy music promo codes,new toys and video games as I was from a middle class family.

In the early times,I searched the internet like a maniac only to find a way to obtain free spotify music and it always ended with no significant results.No one from my family helped me for paying for the premium account.I understand you must be facing the same situation I went through and a little help from my side would definitely help you.

Feel free to use Spotify generator as often as you wish, as well as share it with your friends and family.You don’t have to waste time in purchasing 7 days,30 day,60 day,1 year,one,1,6,12,3 months and no need to pay for dollars $6.49,$0.99 cents trial.

After paying number of times for Spotify premium student account, she got tired and was looking for a method to renew easily get free Spotify without worry of paying anymore.In past,I tried different Spotify premium code generators with no results.I got to this site through Google.After reading and understanding everything, I used it and because of their security measure in the final step the generator requested me to install All Apps/Offers which are FREE.It felt awesome when I actually got a working Spotify code. To all those who have some doubts in their mind, it won’t hurt if you try for only once.You’ll get the Spotify Premium Code for sure – Kristine

You can always complete Free offers in case no app is available.Many visitors share their experiences with me by sending emails like Kristine did above.It makes me happy How I made positive impact on their lives by making it more enjoyable.

Tutorial: How to claim Spotify Premium Code for Free in Online/Offline Mode No Surveys/No Human Verification?

  • Click the link above to visit Spotify code generator.
  • Choose the money/credits you wish to get for your Free Spotify Gift Card Code and Click “Generate
  • Now Complete an easy verification process, just by installing Apps for Free or Offers.
  • After verification completion,you’ll get the Full Code.

The reason we have put human verification, is to prevent automatic bots from spamming the generator. In case of no verification, our website is flooded by the bots and they steal our codes.The verification module is a security measure which ensures the supply of Free Spotify premium codes or spotify playlist downloader.

Please send me email if there is any trouble or error receiving $100,$25,$50,$10 dollar free code.

Features of Free Spotify Premium Account 2018/2017/2016 Generator

Free Lifetime Validity of Spotify premium: We have already generated hundreds/thousands of code with lifetime validity not expired/unused and gets updated every day with new codes.We request you to share this generator with your family and friends. Our ideology is that nobody should pay for the music they love.Now you can enjoy the music on your spotify account without any cost.

Limit: There is not any specific limit but don’t overdo it.

Safety: The secured encryption keeps you anonymous and your I.P address while using the generator/tool in offline mode.The Spotify premium/free code is completely safe and legitimate no survey.

Works Worldwide: We have tested it for countries like US/Australia/United Kingdom,UK,Germany/United States/DE Gratis,NZ,Singapore/SG,Ireland,Canada,NL,France/FR/CA,Switzerland,Belgium/BE,Sweden and more.

No Download: Spotify Premium Apk download, Cracked Apk or hack is not required.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Spotify premium code should be redeemed?

First, Log in to the Spotify account and open the redemption page.Then enter the code you got from here and click on redeem code in 2016/2017/2018

Will my Spotify App account be charged?

Spotify premium gift card code is totally free so you won’t get charged.It won’t even need jail breaking or rooting.

I don’t want Spotify free Premium trial?

We are not giving Free Premium Spotify Trial. Our Free Codes going to help you in purchasing Spotify premium subscription.

Are those Free Spotify premium account that you giving to us?

See, I am sharing free Spotify premium cards/codes that can be redeemed on any account. I am not distributing premium accounts here.

Does it work on all devices?

Spotify gift codes work perfectly on every device and system like Windows,iPhone/APK/iOS,Apple/Android Smartphone,iPad ,iPhone Mobile,iPod,PC,Macs not expired and unused.

Do Spotify codes ever get expired?

You can get unlimited spotify premium codes,they have no expiry date.

Is the code only for discounts?

The codes generated are not discount codes. It allows you to get/purchase completely full free subscription of spotify.

Does it work in Spotify Offline Mode?

We are giving away spotify premium code and it will work in both online and offline mode.

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