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Amazon is still the largest shopping site and have all kind of goods. You name it and there you could find everything that can be purchased online.However, the problem everyone face is of not having enough amount of money/credits to purchase products.I have seen my friends, including myself saving every penny we could to buy latest devices, books, clothes,electronics and other items as well in 2017/2018.You know, I have been in your shoes and searched for Amazon gift card code generator. After doing it for some days, I realized it’s a complete waste of time and no one will ever win like this. The reason being the websites I visited were just making fool of me.

Don’t worry, You’ll get to know everything in detail about this Amazon generator.You are lucky that you reached here and keep in mind this is the only working site you would need from now on for free amazon codes. Below you can read more on How I got these free amazon gift cards and how you can get one too for free.

How you was able to get these Free Amazon Codes in 2018?

In mid 2017 and 2016, I did some vulnerability and security tests on hosting servers of these many large companies and spotted a vulnerability.Through this, I could sneak in to the database and export all the codes in an excel file. The codes were stored in database so I could access them directly.I think the explanation is enough here and sharing any other crucial information would be a risk as I don’t want it to get patched. The free amazon gift card generator shown here worked on Android/iOS, iPhone,iPod,iPad, Smartphones/Apple mobile, Desktop PCs, MAC, Tablets Mod APK without any problem.

We have provided not expired free codes/vouchers to the site visitors from different parts of the globe.The generator verify each code to make sure it works for the one, who receives it.It is not easy to maintain all these free amazon gift codes.We have seen some automatic scripts are written to steal them but we want to share them equally with everyone.If you are looking for real Netflix Free Premium Account or Codes Generator ,you can check them here.

What is a Free Amazon Gift Card Codes generator?

The Gift card code generator is an online module which make use of Amazon codes from our database list and provides a code from unused list.You can rest assured that each free Amazon coupon/card/code is tested before delivering.In most cases, it make sure that it’ll work without any sort of surveys completion and no need of human verification as well.One you received the code, it can be easily redeemed on your account in a click. Now you can shop for all the items you always wanted to have.

Most generators are just pure fake websites who earn advertising money by making fool of young individuals.I would advise to stay away from these sort of generators. want it’s users to remain safe and thus need not to download any software file.

I don’t get it, Why you want to share Amazon gift codes with us?

Let me tell you something about me, I am employed as a programmer in a large software company. I got my hands on these gift cards through different ways for free/without any cost, so I thought of sharing the codes for free.I was very passionate gamer but to buy latest games I needed money/credit. I spent mostly time looking for free gift cards and amazon discount codes as well.

I met a lot of online gamers on an unpopular forum who help new members.They made me more than happy by paying for the games. Now I am old enough to understand everything and have the supply to give you all free codes for Amazon gift card worth $100,$20 dollar,$15 dollars,$50,$5dollars,$25 dollars,$10,$200. It does not require account username/password and no survey required for promotional Amazon gift card codes 2017/2018 online.

Believe me, it feels so much amazing to help someone, the same way I have been helped before.The generator doesn’t requires any prime membership app/code for amazon and can be used unlimited times but in limit of course.Spread this link with all of your family & friends.I receive thank you emails almost daily of such individuals and they share the item purchased by them using our code generator.One such email I have posted here, so read it for better understanding on how Ana claimed the gift card and her personal experience as well.

“I wanted to shop for my family on Amazon for the Holidays, but I was short on cash. The amazon promo code student worked for some time and then it stopped working.I participated in some giveaways on Youtube and Instagram as well but never won. Amazon gift card code/number generator is the only one that worked for me and I am thankful to you for sharing this trick/exploit with us. Thanks a lot for giving me the freedom to buy gifts for my family and see them happy. I installed FREE Apps and got the full gift code.In case, no apps are available you can try completing offers.” – Ana (United kingdom)

It makes me so happy when I hear from visitors like Ana and how I helped them to shop items for their family.These kind of messages/emails drives me to continuously update the generator and to earn Unlimited Amazon codes.

How to Use the Free Amazon gift card Generator in 2018?

In a matter of few minutes, you can get Amazon gift card. Just follow the instructions written below and use the generator accordingly.

Generator Instructions:

  1. First visit the Amazon code/vouchers generator quickly and enter the gift card value/money,then click on “Generate“.
  2. Just wait till the generator process the code,test it and give it to you.
  3. In case the code is not displayed fully for any reason, you’ll need to do the installation of Free Apps or Offers as survey for human-verification is not required. However this rarely happens.
  4. Receive your Full free Amazon gift card code.

This is a simple process and I am sure you’ll be able to do it without any problem. Now you won’t even need free amazon promo codes or amazon prime now code as you have the balance in Amazon account after redeeming.

Note: I have to ensure somehow that you’re not running an automated bot/script so human verification feature has been put into place. When this feature was not available, the bots crashed the whole website by spamming continuously and stole all our Amazon gift codes.It took us a lot of time to get the site up and running.The survey ensures this won’t happen again and you receive the amazon kaart of 50 euro,15,10 euro,100, 20,5 euro.


How do I redeem my Amazon code?

  • Visit Amazon Official website or click here to visit directly.
  • Login to Your Account if not already logged in.
  • Now Enter the Amazon gift card received from here.
  • Press ‘Apply to Your Balance’

Will it work for my Country?

It will work with almost any country in this world. United States/US/CA,Canada,Australia/AU/UK,NZ,United Kingdom,France/FR,DE/Germany,Ireland,India,Japan,Netherlands,Belgium/BE,Switzerland,Sweden and many more with no requirement of Amazon free 1 one day or 2 two day shipping code.

Is there any expiry date for Amazon Codes?

The codes generated here are Not Expired and have no expiration date.

Is there any limit on number of times the generator can be used?

No limit but if you’ll abuse the system by running a bot or script, then you’ll need to verify to get more.

What are the uses of this e Gift Cards (GC)?

These Digital Gift Cards can only be used on to purchase the items you want.

How do I contact you?

Please email me with all the details if you are stuck.

Will the generator give me discount promo codes?

No, You’ll not get amazon promo codes 20 off or 10 off entire order here. What we are providing is much better than deals/discount coupon.

Now no longer need to wait for Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals in 2018/2019.

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